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ZHS-50 Perfume Filling Cap Pressing Machine

Perfume Filling Cap Pressing Machine gathers mechanism, pneumatics & electricity with high automatization & rate of finished product and wide adaptability & stability.
This machine has the functions such as automatical screw type bottle feeding, bottle detecting (no bottle no filling, no bottle no cap feeding ), filling, cap feeding and capping automatically.
It is equiped with air cleaning for bottles, quantitive filling, negative pressure filling, pump placing , lid rolling, jacket placing ,capping,rejecting, labeling and end product collecting etc.
Moulds move in circles, easy to change bottles;Stepping motor for quantitive filling, fast to adjust filling volume;Negative pressure device is used to fill in the same liquid level;Manipulator for pump placing and pre-rolling is applied to increase pump rolling rate;
Elastic rolling head is to avoid the bottle body from damage.

Machine specification :
Filling volume: 1~50ml
Filling speed: 50bottles/min
Filling precision: ≥99%
Finished product rate of cap drop: ≥99%
Main machine power: 1KW 220V stepless shift

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