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Vial Filling And Capping Machine

This sprayer pump, glass dropper bottle filling and capping machine includes the turn table feeding bottle, automatic filling, automatic feeding sprayer pumps(glass dropper),capping, labelling and bottle collection table.

ZHJY-50 Oil Filling & Corking & Capping Machine

This model gathers mechanical, pneumatic, automatic as one unity. Great features such as high automatization and high yield, widely using, good stabili…

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JHGD-10A Automatic 10cavities silicone mould lipstick filling machine

Model JHGD-10A is an automatic designed for the production of hot filling mould products such as high quality lipstick, lip balm, cosmetic pencil etc..…

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ZH-C Series 12-Nozzle Lipstick Filling Machine

This product is designed for lipstick/liquid cosmetics. It is suitable for lipstick, pen type lipstick, eyeliner pencil, etc.

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