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ZHDF-160B The Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

ZHDF-160B The automatic tube filling and sealing machine is mainly used to filling ointment or viscous fluid materials into Aluminum tube, plastic tube or composite tube. And then seal the tubes tail. Which machine adopts a new type dosing pump with stainless steel butterfly valve which matches with screw tiny adjustment outfit. Measure exactitude also in compliance with the standard of GMP requirement. Adopt PLC program-able control as well as Photoelectricity identify outfit, orientation accurately and reliably, change frequency to control the machine speed, Used FuKaiShen index drives and international advanced tube sealing systems.

Technique Parameter

Tube material

Aluminum/PlasticComposite tube

Tube seat quantity

40 Site

Tube diameter

ф11~ф50 mm

Sealing systems

Machine tuck/Hot air

Dosing range

2~300 ml


100-120 Tube/min

Motor power

2.3 KW

Control speed mode

Frequency modulation


2950×1310×2300 mm


3000 kg

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