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Filling Packaging Line

This machine is the newest weighting style rotary filling machine .It is characterized by large productivity, high automation,weight filling and high precision, especial suitable for SL,EC,SC,Edible oil ,lubrication.This filler is an ideal choice for foodstuff,pharmacy cosmetic and chemical ,pesticide factories.

production line includes recovery bottle filling pressing (tightening) caps labeling

This production line is suitable for recovery bottles with distilled wine, yellow wine, soy sauce, vinegar, filling pressing (tightening) caps, labelin…

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ZHCJ-1926W Weight Filling Machine

This weighing filling machine is for filling 10kg to 50kgliquid. It automatically achieves counting inlet bottle, gravity filling, andbottle outlet. It…

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1-5L Intelligent ECO Filling Line

It is suitable for kinds of bottles less than 5L, consisting of filling and capping combined machine, double-side self-adhesive labeling machine, falli…

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20-300ml Intelligent ECO Filling Line

It is suitable for bottles of the volume less than 300ml, which consists of automatic bottles unscrambler, servo volumetric filling machine, in-line ca…

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1000ml Bottle filling line

It is suitable for the line of regular bottles less than 1000ml. Bottles are loaded manually, filling and capping is completed by these two combined ma…

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