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SP-6 Pump Capper

1. Four claws structure, obtained many patent on technology, suitable for pump caps, duck mouth caps, trigger caps with straw.
2. PLC controlled ,integrated cap sending ,grasping ,capping ( can affiliate with automatic cap sorting machine)
3. Automatic inlet cap and bottle position-setting and orientation, adjustable torque control.
4. Gentle manipulation, no scratch and injury to caps and containers
5. Easy changeovers, one line capable of several products
6. Connected with filling machine and labeling machine easily
7. Module structure, manipulate on the touch screen, easy maintenances
8. Suitable for containers made of PET/PP/PE/HDPE and so on
9. Production capacity can achieve 4000-8000b/h, higher speed can be customized.
10. Applicable in cleaning agent, nebula , disinfectant and many other daily chemical products.

Major Technical Parameters:

Overal dimension(L×W×H):2000mm×1600mm×2600mm

Machine weight: 4500Kg

Suitable pump caps(can be customized)

Diameter of pump cap: 30mm

Length of pump cap: ≤250mm

Number of capping heads: 8(can be customized)


Torque control: ±0.3Nm

Qualified rate of capping: ≥98%(Container mouth center deviation less than 1mm, Container mouth face height deviation less than 1mm)

Power supply: AC 380V,50Hz

Machine power: 4Kw

Air operated source: 0.6Mpa clean and stable compressed air

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