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QTR-1A pressure bails machine

Main features:
he machine is based on the absorption of foreign advanced technology, for the edible oil industry to improve the design of the bottle and the cap, which is characterized by small, smooth operation, low noise, high pressure ring qualified, attractive appearance and so on.

The main technical parameters:
1、round bottle diameter: ¢ 50mm ~ ¢ 280mm, to adapt to all kinds of square bottle, shaped bottle: (50-280) mm * (50-280) mm
2、suitable container height:180mm~450mm
3、production capacity: 4000 bottles / hour
4、bottle diameter:¢18mm~¢40mm
6、Total Power:1.5KW
7、Dimension: (L * W * H):2000mm*500mm*1500mm
8、Weight:about 300kg

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