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ZH-5545T L type auto tidy &shrink packaging

ZH-5545T L fully automatic overlapping shrinking wrapping machine, adopting German technology, elaborating according to European process. Its electrical units are chosen from international famous companies. Such as: FESTO, SIEMENS, NORGEN, OMRON, NAIS, FUJI etc. to guarantee the stable and reliable running. Available: packing of many layers of medicine boxes, toothpastes, soaps etc. Feature: AC drive motor with frequency inventor for stepless speed regulation. PID automatic control for heating temperature. Stable and reliable, maintaining easily. Feeding, rolling film, sealing, shrinking and cooling in a whole system, saving room and running efficiently. Unusual hot-air cycling system to save energy and make shrinking film firm and beautiful. Outstanding net conveying feature to protect the conveyer completely from going out of way.

Max packing dimension: L550×W450×H120mm
Packing Speed: 1500-1800/h
Rated Power:1¢220V 1.3KW
Shrink time/temperature:0.5-1.5S/0-0.6S/0-250℃

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